How to Find the Right Attorney for Your Needs

August 19, 2018 find the right attorney

Finding an attorney with the right experience and expertise in a specific practice area can be a difficult process. The credibility, courtroom experience, and transparency of a firm and its attorneys are all key factors when looking for legal counsel, but it may seem like there are just too many options to choose from. Here’s our advice on finding legal counsel that works for you.

Determine Which Type of Attorney Is Right

Since many attorneys specialize in certain fields depending on their area of practice, finding the right type of attorney for a case or suit is a crucial first step. Legal specialties can get highly specific and range from bankruptcy law to trust and estate law to personal injury law, so don’t be afraid to seek a specialist who precisely meets the needs of a case. We also recommend finding an attorney who is familiar with the courts and laws in the area where you live; for example, our Covington courts have different requirements and practices than New York City courts. Obviously, the attorney should be licensed to practice in your state, but having an attorney who represents residents from your local area also helps to create a comfortable, familiar setting for your initial legal consultation.

Review Every Attorney’s Website

An attorney’s website is a good starting place for initial research, and the right attorney should have a website that makes their goals, practices, and values clear. After reading the general information about each attorney, peruse the attorneys’ educational background and work history, if available. In general, aim to hire an attorney who has had at least three to five years of experience in the specific field in which you need legal assistance. It can also help to visit a potential attorney’s social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; the way an attorney conveys themselves across social media may reveal a great deal about their professionalism.

Interview Potential Attorneys

A face-to-face or phone meeting cannot be overlooked when choosing an attorney. Be sure to go into the meeting with specific questions planned out in advance. These should include pricing, delivery time for legal work, success rate, and availability. As transparency is important with the right attorney, this is a good time to determine how comfortable you are with each. If a particular attorney seems unsure about answering your questions, avoids specific topics, or relies too much on “legalese,” then it may be a good idea to start the search again. Above all, you should feel assured and comfortable during your consultation.

An attorney’s experience and expertise are important, but so is feeling comfortable while working with them. At Magee & Associates, we realize the task of choosing legal counsel can be difficult. That’s why we put our clients’ interests first, taking the time to answer all of your questions during your consultation. We bring over 50 years of combined legal experience to residents in and around Covington, and our areas of practice include personal injury, criminal defense, and family law and estate planning. To set up a consultation with one of our attorneys, call 985-888-1874 or contact us online today.

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